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Nutribyte uses a renowned factory, fully approved by Act 36 of 1947, to manufacture the Nutribyte range. We are proud to say that we use a fixed formula on all diets, meaning that every batch of Nutribyte made is exactly the same as the last. This allows for a healthier lifestyle and avoids nutritional imbalances. All ingredients are tested pre-production to ensure that they conform to the necessary specifications. Ingredients are also tested for mycotoxins and other impurities.

Once all ingredients have been tested, they are milled individually and then mixed together to create the unique formula. All ingredients are milled at 0.8mm size, to optimize digestion and to ensure that the extrusion process runs smoothly. Nutribyte uses an independent quality controller to make ensure the correct procedures are followed at all times throughout the entire run. Should the batch not conform to any one of our high standards, the entire batch is rejected and the process starts over.


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