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Rex Specs dog goggles are protective eyewear for the active dog. They are stable and secure while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view. Rex Specs protect your dogs eyes from debris, environmental hazards, and sun.


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Bourbon - American Bully    >    Tuckerman - GSD Mix    >    Parker - Bernese Mountain Dog


Apollo - Doberman    >    Buddy - Border Collie    >     Cali - Australian Cattle Dog


Ellie - Llewellin Setter    >    Bosa - Patterdale Terrier


Blue Parson - Jack Russel    >    Dawn - Spaniel Mix    >    Camilla - Mini Schnauser


Rex - Dachshund    >    Lulu - Chihuahua Mix    >    Taz - Chihuahua Mix


Make sure to introduce your Rex Specs in a positive manner.


Be sure the goggle introduction is part of a positive experience! Let your dog inspect them before forcing them onto their face. Clip the buckles a few times so they hear the noise they make - and let them smell them and become familiar with the new piece of gear.

Make estimated strap adjustments - remove the lens - and see if your dog will allow you to put them on their nose - use praise or a reward with wanted behavior. Start slowly, keep sessions short, and practice with no lenses a few times. Keep your dog on leash, or within reach so they cannot 'escape' and try to remove the goggles.

Use distractions, like rewards and simple commands to build your dogs tolerance to the goggles and to build their confidence with them on. The goal is to make them understand that the goggles do not inhibit their normal activities!
Once your dog is okay wearing the frames, add the clear lens. After a few sessions and you're confident your dog is okay with the goggles and clear lenses - add the tinted lenses.


Whether your dog is your working K9 partner, riding the wild roads in your motorcycle sidecar, hiking a mountain, or on a hunting excursion - Rex Specs K9 are the perfect goggles for your best friend.

The majority of dogs will be diagnosed with some sort of eye ailment by the time they are 8 years old. Many of these can be prevented or treated with some form of protection from harmful elements, such as the sun, debris, grasses and brush.

Rex Specs K9 design is optimized for the working dog. They are used by personal protection dog trainers, United States Defense departments, hunters and in many other working K9 applications. Rex Specs have received the mark approval from several K9 professionals for their effectiveness in many different situations.

The large spherical lens design allows for a full range of view, eliminating the potential for any distractions or obstruction during wear.
The soft foam edge fits snuggly on the face of the dog, protecting them from dust and debris.
The low profile fully adjustable strap allows a custom fit on each dog, and easily integrates with other products and harnesses.
These goggles fit securely throughout all activities while still allowing maximum freedom and full jaw motion.
Rex Specs K9 – protection for those who protect us.

Chronic Superficial Keratitis (Pannus) is a common canine eye condition. Though most common in German Shepherds, this condition affects a variety of breeds. Pannus is prevalent throughout the Rocky Mountain West, where UV rays are strong and damaging. Pannus is a corneal inflammation that is worsened by exposure to the sun and eventually leads to scarring and possibly blindness. Rex Specs K9 are designed to assist in the treatment of Pannus by blocking harmful UV rays.

Puncture & Trauma can be prevented with regular use of Rex Specs dog goggles. Hunting and field trial dogs often suffer from punctures and corneal lacerations from grasses and sticks. Training your dog to wear Rex Specs during these activities can prevent these incidents and make sure that your dog stays in the game with you as long as possible.