Julius K-9 Pink Collar with Handle

Size Guide

Color & Gray collection - German materials Hungarian design. 

With the closable handle at the middle, you can hold your dog safely. It features a heavy duty buckle and a safety lock for perfect stability. Due to its material, it’s easy to clean and will not deform. It’s easy to put any patch on the patch field of the collar. So from now on, besides on the harness, your dog can also wear cool patches on its collar as well.



  • Length: 38-53 cm / 15.0-20.9 in, width: 4 cm / 1.57 in
  • Length: 49-70 cm / 19.3-27.6 in, width: 5 cm / 1.96 in


  • The straps used for the Color and Gray collection are made in Germany.

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    Sizing Chart
    Scroll down for the Walking Dead & DAPPER PET Sizing

     Sizing and Fitment For The Julius K-9 Products:

     Dog Harness Size Weight of your Dog Chest Circumference
    Mini Mini 4kg - 7kg 40cm - 53cm
    Mini 7kg - 15kg 49cm - 67cm
    Size 0 14kg - 25kg 58cm - 76cm
    Size 1 23kg - 30kg 63cm - 85cm
    Size 2 28kg - 40kg 71cm - 96cm
    Size 3 40kg - 70kg 82cm - 115cm
    Size 4 70kg - 90kg 96cm - 138cm


    dog harness size chart


    Dapper Pet Collar Size Guide:

     Small 26 - 32cm
    Medium  34 - 48cm
    Large 40 - 58cm

    Sizing For The Walking Dead Products:

    To get the circumference length, measure around the neck of your pet and then add 5cm!

      Small Medium Large Extra Large
    Circumference Length 23 cm- 28cm 31cm - 40cm 38cm - 56cm 53-86cm
    Width Of Collar 1.9cm 2.5cm 2.5cm 2.5cm

    walking dead